Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haute Couture Paris 2010

I am confused about what I am seeing here... these are some of the latest Haute Couture looks, fresh in from Paris. I am not putting the designers name with the images because I think they should be looked at without prejudice. Me, I don't like 90% of what I have seen so far. Crude, harsh, clowinsh. Fashion designers are complaining business is bad and then this ? I know you guys want to sell the bags, the shoes, the make-up and the perfume and Haute Couture has become more of an advertising stunt but what message are you sending to the consumer ?
No wonder this business is dying out. You guys want to make money? Make things that women want to wear, feel beautiful in and own forever. Lady Gaga is not the best Inspiration for a Designer methinks.
I would love to get comments on this post, don't be shy.


little augury said...

ulla, you know I will always have an opinion. I love fashion-but I can even remotely think of couture- and just barely rtw-the best. I agree with you about all these. they look very-silly-I can't help but wonder if these people(mostly men(all?)) HATE women. a 2 tone pantsuit(split personality? etc etc. I cheat because I do recognize the Galiano(the others I have not seen)-At least he is consistent about "costuming" women in period frocks. Mostly it is all bad-it seems as if these guys are challenging women to look like idiots because they can afford it.great post

{Tara} said...

It's an interesting point that you make, and one I hadn't considered. I guess I have always thought of haute couture as the designer's wildest fantasy and "costumery" in the sense that it is dramatic and often impractical. But maybe that is where it is going and necessarily reflective of its history...and yes, maybe this is the very reason it is floundering?

Jane said...

Hi there, I came over from Little A. I am sure these clothes are beautifully made, the issue for me with them is that they are Ugly.

We all know that haute couture clothes can be impractical, and that they sometimes a very cutting edge and trend driven, and that a more smoothed over version of what John Galliano does will trickle down to the High Street in 6 months time.

BUT the clothes you have shown (not sure if they are representative but am assuming they are) are not particularly interesting or challenging or unique - but they certainly are UGLY - awful colours, unflattering cuts, silly combinations.

That half and half suit? I laughed for about five minutes at that.

There, I feel better now. Nice blog by the way.

Reggie Darling said...

I also came in from Little Augury. Bravo! As far as I've been concerned the Haute Couture Emperor(s) have been prancing around naked for years. With the exception of Oscar de la Renta and to a lesser extent La Lagerfeld (the only ones left as far as I'm concerned) all others are making ugly, women-hating clothes, and have their heads as far up their arses as they will go. So what if Daphne Guinness parades around in the clothes, she's from Mars. And what's up with the tranny hooker dominatrix shoes these days? I saw what appeared to be a nice young woman on Park Avenue last night wearing stiletto fetish boots that would have made my mother blush. As far as I'm concerned these fashion houses deserve to go bust, given the ugly dreck they are pushing down the runway. There, I feel better now!

le style et la matière said...

A sad season for elegance - with a few spectacular moments for costume. Where are women left? You are right to revolt against these garments that make women into wind up toys. By delving into their artistic fancies, the couturiers cut themselves off from vital existence. Some of the Gaultier's gowns and ensembles are really exuberant and fabulous when seen in movement, but they're not of this world. Galliano (not worth it to say Dior) has made exquisite period costume, but it would have been more interesting to adapt it for real wear as was done in the
50s. For simple elegance, I noticed only Christophe Josse.

Hello. said...

I'm about as far away from couture as you can get because I live on a farm, work with my animals, and my avocation is community food enterprises (a local cannery), so maybe what I think is discounted in this rarified arena. It doesn't seem to be about the clothes, obviously, because how many of each of this silly pieces actually get made and worn? Two? Six? The ready to wear...maybe a couple of hundred? It seems to be about maintaining the brand which, overall, represents many hundreds of millions of dollars...the runway antics are never intended to be profitable, but maybe they are necessary to support make-up and accessory sales. I wouldn't spend too much time on this, but then, my interests are at a much more basic level. Look at it this way: we need clowns to keep the rest of us grounded.

Ulla said...

Thanks to everybody that left me a comment. it was very exciting to hear everyones take on this topic and great hearing from friends and new readers. Wonderful, you guys made my day.

Eric said...

You make your point beautifully just by the chosen images. Words are not necessary. It's an unfortunate fact that beauty, glamor , clothes that transport one and make one dream are fast becoming a thing of the past. It's sad, but hopelessly true. Thanks for such a great documentation of the facts of Fashion.
My best to you and your blog,
Eric Gaskins/Fluff Chance