Saturday, January 31, 2009

Me and Hugh Grant for Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz 2003

I remember when my London Agency called to tell me I got a booking for a Vanity Fair Editorial, shot by Annie Leibovitz with Hugh Grant, i could barely contain myself. I knew that I was only being shot like a 'Prop', but I didn't care.
When I arrived at the Savoy Hotel in London where the Shoot was taking place, the Production Manager sent me to the Room where they were doing Hair and Make-up.
But she made a mistake and I ended walking into the wrong Room and Hugh Grant was lying on a Bed in Boxer shorts, reading the Times Newspaper and grinning at me.
I didn't know what to say, but it was a comedy classic moment, but I was delighted and grinned straight back at him. He said: " Hair and Make-up is over there, just walk through that door."
Once everybody was on Set, ready to take the Picture, Mr. Grant just disappeared under the Table, 3 min. later the Picture was done.
Ms. Leibovitz shots very fast and gives precise Directions, everybody that day was so professional, it was just a Pleasure.
We shot a few more, but they didn't get published.
But I am happy with what I got, a great Moment in my Modelling History.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Polaroid, Malta, Brides Magazine 2005

As you can tell, we are shooting Bridal Wear in Malta, in a City called Mdina.
The Polaroids lost their Color, but I like that Pastel Effect.
The Town was incredible, it is built out of Sandstone, that has been bleached to an of-white color by the Sun.

Crawford & Doyle Bookstore New York

This Bookstore on Madison Avenue in New York is just amazing,
one of my favorite Places to spend a cold and grey Winterday browsing and discovering Books I never knew existed.
My Secret about this place is ( don't tell) that they always carry a Selection of Auction Catalogs, recent and vintage.
The Travel section is very well edited, you won't get a bad Travel Guide here.

image from

Friday, January 23, 2009


I am just going through envelopes with Polaroids from Trips, Fittings and Backstage Shots from the last 5 Years.
Incredible how much happened.
More to come as I scan over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nothing is Original

Beauty at every Age / Vogue Paris November 2008

Just came across this Editorial in Vogue Paris, 11/2008
Model: Eniko Mihalik
Photography: Laamsverde/Matadin

Model Quotes

"At school I got harassed so badly for being too tall, too thin, too pale - too everything that has gotten me where I am now, which is quite ironic." -Karen Elson

by Lara Stone

"My bra size differs a lot. The bra I'm wearing is a 34C but the other day I had to buy an E cup! I don't know what happened..."

" Everyday my mum looks at and to see my pictures.The first time she saw me naked she sent this whole long big email, that was sooo sweet. She had seen the pictures from Purple by Inez and Vinoodh of me, butt naked, stood in the studio. She was like 'Lara, if you don't want to do this, you can just say no, you can always move back home with us'. She's so sweet."

"Now every time I go to the dentist they always say, 'you really need to fix that gap of yours' I'm like, 'my gap is paying your dentist bills...'"

"I hate catwalk because 1) I'm not very good at it, 2) I'm always scared sh*tless and 3) . . . I suck at it. I cannot walk in heels. At all. I'm always completely terrified I'm going to fall over, which I did three times my first season. I fell over in London, Milan and in Paris. I had a Chanel fitting that afternoon and it was really embarrassing. I was like, 'Sorry Karl [Lagerfeld]', he didn't have a clue what I was talking about!"

"Why would I want older men for their money? I can afford to pay my own rent!"

"it used to be whiskey for a very long time but I kept having blackouts so I switched, but I can't dance and I don't have any sense of rhythm or balance"

"My mother tells me of when I was 10 or 11 and I would wear really tight, short skirts and crop tops. All the local men would wolf whistle and stop and stare, but I didn't realise why at the time."

"Everyone should have enough money to get plastic surgery." - Beverly Johnson, talking about poverty.

"My husband was just OK looking. I was in labor and I said to him, 'What if she's ugly? You're ugly.'" - Beverly Johnson

"I was the world's first supermodel, and Tyra and all the other models owe me at least a Christmas card every year because I broke down the ethnic barrier to begin with." -Janice Dickinson

"I don't get out of bed for less then 10,000 a day" -Linda Evangelista

"Now I get out of bed for a much better reason. I'm part of a team that raises millions of dollars and raises awareness of HIV and Aids all over the world." -Linda Evangelista

"I never diet. I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out. I work very hard, and I am worth every cent." -Naomi Campbell

"The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled out of like garbage cans.'" Erin Wasson

"You can't be a model at age 60, but you certainly can be an actress." -Eva Herzigova

"When I model I pretty much go blank. You can't think too much or it doesn't work." -Paulina Porizkova

"I felt that was huge prejudice. That was a black girl at the time, Beverly Johnson, and they made her feel like she was in competition with me." -Iman on racism

"You know they're like Superheros." -Tyson Beckford on the supermodel era

"I have done it. I have everything I want. I have made enough money to secure my family and that is all I care about." -Natalia Vodianova

"All my doctors said I should become a model." -Niki Taylor (this one is the best one!! hahah)

"It's harder than you think it is ... It's a lot of long hours, a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from your friends and family." Heather Marks

"I never really cared about what I looked like." -Gemma Ward

"It was God who made me so beautiful. If I weren't, then I'd be a teacher. -Linda Evangelista

"I got tired of feeling like Dracula. I wanted to see some daylight, and not just at six o'clock in the morning." -Kate Moss

"Mick Jagger and I just really liked each other a lot. We talked all night. We had the same views on nuclear disarmament." — Jerry Hall

"Richard doesn't really like me to kill bugs, but sometimes I can't help it." — Cindy Crawford

"I just found out that I'm one inch taller than I thought." — Christie Brinkley

"It's very important to have the right clothing to exercise in. If you throw on an old T-shirt or sweats, it's not inspiring for your workout." — Cheryl Tiegs

"The worst was when my skirt fell down to my ankles — but I had on thick tights underneath." — Naomi Campbell

"Now every model wants to be an actress"-Christy Turlington

Claudia Schiffer
"I've looked in the mirror every day for 20 years. It's the same face."

“The difference between the girls today and models of the past is that we are not only interested in fashion: we are going in so many different directions at once. We work harder -- at night and on weekends. [On the modeling profession].”

"When I was little, I hated having my photo taken. If I was asked to smile on demand I just wanted to disappear."

"It's something I decided from the very beginning I would never do - nudity."

“I actually don't meet very many men because they are, I guess, afraid to approach me or think that I'm from another planet.”
"I think, If my butt's not too big for them to be photographing it, then it shouldn't be too big for me." — Christy Turlington

"I can do anything you want me to do so long as I don't have to speak." -Linda Evangelista

"I'd rather go naked than wear fur." -Christy Turlington

"You are by yourself for the best years of your life. You sleep in airports. If it doesn't kill you it makes you strong."-Helena Christensen

"I would rather exercise than read a newspaper." -Kim Alexis

"I would compete in unicorn back riding! Why? Because we are from the same fairytale." -Sasha Pivovarova

"I hate to say this... I think I grew up." Irina Lazareanu

"I tried on 250 bathing suits in one afternoon and ended up having little scabs up and down my thighs, probably from some of those with sequins all over them." — Cindy Crawford

"You can usually tell when I'm happy by the fact that I've gained weight." — Christy Turlington

"I wish the word supermodel would just fall off the face of the earth. Anyone can be a supermodel now." -Amber Valletta

"We don't vogue. We are vogue"-Linda Evangelista(1990) on the Trinity (her,Naomi & Christy)
"The main reason we do fashion shows, is so we can see each other"-Naomi Campbell (1990) on her & her Super friends.

"It's harder than you think it is ... It's a lot of long hours, a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from your friends and family."- Heather Marks on modeling

"I never really cared about what I looked like." -Gemma Ward on her looks

"It's kind of like acting. Today you're a romantic woman; you think about "Romeo and Juliet." Another day, you're a little devil." -Izabel Goulart on modeling

"With modeling, you are judged on your looks. It's easy to take that personally, but you have to realise that it's only your appearance that's being judged, not you as a whole. If you didn't, you'd be destroyed." -Jessica Stam on modeling

"Honestly, I wish I could've lived in their time. They had so much fun." -Liya Kebede on the supermodel era

"I haven't seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre. I haven't seen anything. I don't really care." - Tyra Banks

"I don't know what to do with my arms. It just makes me feel weird and I feel like people are looking at me and that makes me nervous." -Tyra Banks

"Black women don't have the same body image problems as white women. They are proud of their bodies. Black men love big butts." -Tyra Banks

"I'm still too fat for Dior."-Mat Gordon

"I love the confidence that makeup gives me." -Tyra Banks

"I wish my butt did not go sideways, but I guess I have to face that." - Christie Brinkley

"Once a Supermodel, always a Supermodel." -Beverly Johnson

"Modeling is about illusion. It's a fantasy world where models play various roles. By featuring extreme looks, magazines show women how to have fun with makeup and clothes, and to inspire them to experiment - just like we did when we were little girls." -Cindy Crawford

"I am not yet comfortable with the media. I'm afraid of the unknown. I'm shy and am trying to overcome my fears." -Veronica Varekova

"I remember the moment when I looked at a newsstand and stared at myself on a cover for the first time. Weird!" -Frederique van der Wal

"They are about taking something that's going on in here [the heart] and projecting it out. In fashion, the clothes are like the script." -Shalom Harlow

"But some people don't appreciate my bossiness."-Cindy Crawford

"Before, being a model, it was just a job, and I was making fun of it. But today, I take my career more seriously. The fact that a reader may buy an Armani item because she'd seen it on me in a magazine is very important to me. So much so that I intend to launch my own label." -Milla Jovovich

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

German Bircher Muesli Recipe

I had a delicious Breakfast at Cafe Dressler in Berlin.
The Service was superb and so was this Bircher Muesli... I just had to take a Picture before I ate the whole lot.
This is so healthy and will keep your Energy Levels up until Lunch!

Bircher Muesli:
1 medium -coarse chopped apple(red or golden delicious work well)
1/2 cup raisins (if you want to...I don't like raisins myself)
1 banana in 1/4 inch slices
1 orange, chopped
1 cup muesli mix ( see recipe below) or as much as you need to get desired thickness
1 non-fat fruit yougurt (you can use non-fat milk or even soy-milk instead

1 lb. rolled oats
1 lb Barley flakes
4 oz. Mixed nuts, chopped
4 oz. Mixed dried fruit

Bircher Muesli;
Mix together all ingredients,and from here on its your choice of other additions.
One cup of Strawberries, peaches, raspberries, blueberries, nectarines, even mango, plums, pears,pitted cherries. Whatever fruits happen to be in season.

Put the oats in a bowl & stir in the remaining ingredients until evenly mixed. Store in an airtight container.

Some people prefer muesli thick enough so that spoon will stand up straight if stuck in; others like it thinner. Adding more liquid, and letting it sit for a bit will produce a thinner, creamier Muesli

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cartier 'Love' Bracelet for Valentine's Day

Buy yourself some time. If she's hoping for a ring but you're not ready, get her the next best thing -- a Cartier love bracelet.
Lock it on her wrist and you've bought yourself 12 more months to save for a ring.

Great story behind it:
Over 24 years ago, in the summer of 1969, a young Cartier staff designer created a remarkable new item that was to become one of the most famous status symbols of our age. The designer was the late Aldo Cipullo...and the item was the Cartier "Love Bracelet".
A student of history Cipullo's early work centered around modern interpretations of ancient design terms and legends. One particular medieval practice (fact or fiction?) especially fascinated him: the story that warriors, prior to going off to battle, often "locked up" their wives around the waist with iron "chastity belts" to preserve the fidelity of the their marriage. Cipullo's desire to create a modern-day symbol of a "locked up", committed relationship led him to the design of a two-piece bracelet that had to be bolted together to encircle the wrist. And thus was born the "Love Bracelet" and its accompanying screwdriver.
Cartier management, quickly catching the spirit of the item, launched the product with a startling and unprecedented purchasing policy: customer were not allowed to by a "Love Bracelet" for themselves! The Cartier regulation firmly said that no one was permitted to purchase one for their own wrist!
As part of the launch of the product, and to reinforce the "lovers only" message, Cartier presented "his-and-hers" bracelets to 25 famous couples chosen from the fields of entertainment, business, communications, society, and sports. In light-hearted "ceremonies" conducted in Cartier's Fifth Avenue boutique, these notable "lovers" locked each other up and formally exchanged screw drivers. All loved it, the fun began, and the item was off and running.
Soon, stylish people all around New York and across the country rushed to get one. Photos of celebrities began to appear in newspapers and magazines with that distinctive band of gold gleaming at the wrist. Before long, a "waiting list" had to be created because the demand for the bracelet had vastly outpaced the ability of the Cartier workshop to make them.
By 1973, the roster of "Love Bracelet" owners included Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen, Mai Britt and Sammy Davis, Jr. and many other famous couples for around the world. The bracelet had become so well that it was often humorously cited as the definitive measurement of a lover's commitment (e.g. "Do you love me enough for the Cartier 'Love Bracelet'"?) As the years passed, the appetite for this extraordinary item continued to grow.
The continuing popularity of the bracelet led to the development of additional products in this motif, starting with the "Precious Love Bracelet" (with diamonds) in 1979, and followed by the "Love Ring" (1983), the "Love Cufflinks" (1984), and the "Love Earrings" (1985).
As this "love story" enters its 25th year, new customers every day continue to discover for themselves the special wit and style of the Love Bracelet. And, at the same time, another whole generation of celebrity wrists have appeared "locked up" in this famous Cartier shackle: Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Joan Collins, Jane Seymour, Princess Diana, Linda Evans, Lionel Ritchie, Kenny Rogers, Reggie Jackson, John McEnroe, Elton John....the list goes on and on.
Today, the Cartier "love Bracelet" remains the world's most celebrated and desirable wrist ornament.
Source: geocities

Beauty is Organic

I am a Beauty Product Junkie.
Trying new things has always been a favorite past time of mine.
My Bathroom is stuffed to the gills with everything from A-Z.
I am trying to use more Organic Products for the past few years.
Then I discovered PATYKA.
Since then, I have been buying less and less other Products.

It can be used 2 to 3 time a week as special intensive mega dose of plant power delivered to your skin, or as a night restorative treatment. Although this serum is primarily designed as a face care treatment it is also ideal: after shaving because of its healing and soothing properties, when travelling because it sweeps away the signs of jetlag, on nails and cuticles, on hair to repair split ends...

Great when you are always on the go like I am!

Key Ingredients:
Rosewood, Geranium, Santal, Rose Tree Muscatel

Vegetal squalane, rosa canina (rosehip) oil*, sesamum indicum (sesame) oil*, simmondsia chinensis(jojoba) oil*, aniba rosaeodora (rosewood) oil*, hypericum perforatum (st john's wort) oil*, santalum album (sandalwood) oil*, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) oil*, citrus aurantium leaves (petitgrain) oil*, olea europeae (oilve) oil*, triticum sativum (wheatgerm) oil, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E).
*ingrédient issu de l'agriculture biologique.


Most everything in the garden is hibernating for winter except, of course,
Camellia japonica.
Voluptuous blooms floating in a glass bowl make an effortless arrangement.

The flower is in season right now, and it continues to feel fresh as we transition from the holidays to winter. Planting camellias for next year is another great option if you live in a warmer climate.
Erica George Dines photographed the pink camellias in the Yeoward crystal bowl for Southern Accents.
Via Style Court

Great Simple Hair for all Occasions

via this is glamorous

Back to work!

After a long and well-deserved Break it is back to work for me... I am so excited!

image via this is glamorous

Love your Hair and it will love you back!

Must-Have Hairbrush!
Don't waste your time with any other Hairbrush than one from MASON & PEARSON.....
Simply the Best!
Will last for Years with the right TLC...

The Comb is great to evenly distribute your Conditioner or Hair Masque.

I Heart ERES Underwear!

Industry Standard:
Models have to wear Skin colored Underwear when they are on a Shoot or Show, even when you go on a Casting you should never be without your trusty Calvin Kleins' in case the client makes you try something on.
That's why I like ERES Underwear so much..... it is so gorgeous and feminine without being too frilly or stripperish....

The Perfect Bag

This Bag would fit my Portfolio, High Heels, everything I need for a day of Castings.....

Hermes Vachette Grainee Ardennes Vert 35 cm Birkin with gold hardware, F stamp 2002. Pre-owned, but appears flawless SOLD at

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dream Kitchen & Fantasy Bathroom

In New York, Space is at a Premium. My Kitchen is functional but incredibly tiny and so is my Bathroom.
These Images are very close to what I would love to have....

2009 Resolutions

Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin

I went to Berlin, Germany after Christmas to see what all the hype is about.
Berlin didn't disappoint, I cannot wait to hopefully go back there this Summer.
I really wanted to see the Helmut Newton Foundation.
Helmut Newton’s Private Property is a rare showcase of the photographer’s personal life, on display at the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin. I was fascinated by a collection of the photographer’s cameras, accessories and other objects used in his photography.
I especially loved his Camera Bag and the Belt.

Alejandra Figueroa

Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn

This little clip from the movie 'Funny Face' with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire is so wonderful because it sums up very well what happens at a Fashion shoot.

Famous Ford Models, New York, 1966 by Ormond Gigli

I saw this and thought of my Agency... This picture is a Classic!

For Sale at Christie's New York

Sale Information
Sale 2139
icons of glamour and style: the constantiner collectionpart ii
12 February 2009
New York, Rockefeller Plaza

Famous Ford Models, New York, 1966
gelatin silver print, printed later
signed, dated and numbered '6/15' in pencil (on the verso)
19½ x 15½in. (49.5 x 39.3cm.)

Christie's East, New York, April 6, 2001, lot 159.