Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My trip to Lombardia, Italy

 A backyard in Como, Italy

Bakery in Como, Italy

Castello Sforza in Soncino, Italy

Courtyard at Castello Sforza, Soncino, Italy

Spinach Garden

A Church in Milano by Via Moscova

A wonderful bakery at 7, via Moscova in Milan, Italy

At the Barber, 9, via Moscova in Milan, Italy

Staircase at the 'Pinacoteca di Brera'  in Milan.

My best friend's house

Love the 50's tiles and the Valentino Linen towels.

The Duomo in Milan

Monday, April 25, 2011

At home in the Garden

It should be no surprise that this beautiful playhouse comes from England. The traditional 2 level construction is furnished with oak floors and stairs, hardwood windows and doors round the whole thing off.
Get it here: www.thomasgardener.de

Renowned German manufacturer Theresienthal manufactured my new favorite "Feuilles" (leaves) glassware, using a centuries-old production process, the ensemble - comprising six glasses and a carafe - is available at www.artedona.com

Keep your furniture well-oiled. via www.manufactum.de

Just attach your garden hose and you can shower outside! via manufactum.de

The Devonshire green “House & Garden Seat” was designed by Oscar de la Renta.

The 'Sheffield Watering Can'. Via www.jaysonhomeandgarden.com

Store your tools right. via www.manufactum.de

'Verdure' highball glasses by Artel via www.artedona.com

Willow Rectangular Planter via www.jaysonhomeandgarden.com

"Wine Lovers" Picnic Basket by Optima via www.artedona.com