Saturday, December 26, 2009

Alex Katz and Ulla

Alex Katz has been painting me on and off for a few years now... this is one of his latest series which includes me. I am the lady in the middle.
Another picture of me will be plastered on 500 New York City Cabs! I cannot wait and what an honor! I think you can spot me from January 2010 onwards.
Have a safe trip!

Friday, December 18, 2009




So over 2009

This year was BS, a total waste of time. Sure, I had some good times, met amazing people and my boyfriend ... but 80% was swimming against the tide in this terrible economy and putting out fires left, right and center, like most of us. I am tired and if 2010 will be this awful, I am just going to stay in bed until the spring and read all the books in my library I didn't have time to read in the past and watch all the movies I have on my Netflix watch-list. One thing I learned from 2009 is PATIENCE. Maybe that was my lesson.
Who knows?

Picture source: a bloomsbury life

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vivienne Westwood Wallpaper

Punk up your house!

more at /

Oscar de la Renta Pre-Fall 2010

GORGEOUS!! I went to Oscar de la Renta's Pre-Fall 2010 Fashion Show yesterday afternoon. The fabrics were great: Wool skirts embroidered with a Suzani motive, tie-dye striped silk, beautifully arranged sequins on cardigans, delicate cashmere knitwear... just the craftmenship is eye-watering. Each piece was really strong and tells its on little story. I can see women of all ages just falling in love with a least just one item, I bet you! A woman is a woman after all.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rasta, Roots, Reggae, Rockers

This Movie is great, watched it tonight for the first time. The story of a Robin Hood Musician Rastaman and his friends, set around an amazing soundtrack.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Naughty Lolita Sunglasses

after some research I found these in an online store.

get them at

Sounds and Songs of the Jet-Set by 101 Strings.

Hilarious! I found this one today and the music on the record is actually pretty great. Will be on my playlist for all the next parties coming up before the year is out.

Walton Ford

Walton Ford's paintings have the layers of classical landscape , Audubon images and the tension in process destruction that makes us wait- want to watch wondering what will happen next. Beautifully crafted and a direct reference to the early modern work of Audubon and other documentary landscape and animal paintings -visually rich, active images hold the eye there to watch, to anticipate. History is never innocent in the world of Walton Ford’s wildlife watercolors and prints. Ford’s animals are frozen in devilish acts that range from violent to simply mean-spirited, and sometimes, in parodies of famous paintings. The fantastical combination of a historical style with comic or disturbing content makes these works pointed political commentaries about international policies, the environment, and human. Within Ford’s lexicon of what he gladly terms “fake natural history” animal species become allegories for nations, and his style is a shorthand critique of political and social issues rooted in the past, most explicitly the colonization of Africa and India by western Europe. By using animals for sociopolitical critique and commentary, Ford consciously follows in the footsteps of fifteenth-century artists like Hieronymus Bosch and Albrecht Dürer.

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