Thursday, November 19, 2009

R.I.P Daul Kim

One of my favorite Models and fellow blogger Daul Kim was found dead in her Paris Apartment yesterday.
I met her a few times and she was a so inspiring to talk to, a real quiet force and trailblazer in the fashion industry.
I loved her personality, her fearless approach to fashion and style, intelligence as well as her beauty.
Her blog was a powerful collection of what inspired her. She was open and fearless.
I will miss her.

Me and Friends on for ARTWALK

Sunday, November 15, 2009

WHY – Wally Hermes Yacht

No man’s an island – no more. This ‘moving island’, built by Wally’s President and CEO Luca Bassani Antivari as well as Hermes artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas allows man to travel with unsurpassed comfort and spaciousness. It has been described by the former as having the ‘freedom of the yacht with the space of a property’. Perhaps another one of the many compelling reasons to own this yacht is that it is environmentally friendly. The Wally Hermes Yacht (WHY) is equipped with state-of-art sustainable technology and it uses recyclable thermal energy, making travelling on the WHY guilt-free.

The WHY which is 58m x 38m wide is delineated with continuous fluid lines that perpetrates a strong sense of fluidity and flow. The interior decoration primarily uses sustainable wood in nude, neutral shades that contrasts with the heavily tainted roof of the vessel. It has a master space, a guest space, a common space and a 50m pool located at the top deck. The master bedroom has a retractable roof that opens to unravel a breath-taking sight of the expansive sea. Unlike most cruise ships, this WHY is meant to travel; it is capable of going up to 14 knots. Well, I suppose it’s not just a mere island.

This beauty leaves us in sheer wonderment and saying WHY not.

Text By Nabil Aliffi.
Picture Via Dailymail Uk.

Louise Goldin for Topshop

Picture from Carolina at Stockholm Street Style

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Indian Aristo Beauties

Maharani Sita Devi
Princess Pretiva of Cooch Behar
Jind Kaur, last queen of the Punjab
Maharani Sita Devi

Maharani Brinda Devi
Maharani Bamba
Princess Nilofuer (she was turkish)
Maharajkumari Ourmilla Devi of Kapurthala wife of Lt. Col. Rajkumar Birendra Singh
Maharani Catherine, Bamba & Sophia Duleep Singh


Friday, November 13, 2009

Madrid... a way of Life

I have been in Madrid for the past week and I adore this town.
All these great small businesses within 2 blocks of each other and that is just a small selection.
Food is unbelievable, people love life and I am seriously considering moving here part-time.
Let's be honest, morale back in the US has been really low and this is such a welcome break.