Friday, January 22, 2010

Dr.Zhivago - the 2002 movie and the book

I am surprised how many good movies I have not seen, sometimes it is because I think the subject matter might not interest me, I think the actor might be bad.... MY OWN FAULT!
I am blown away by the movie Dr. Zhivago from the year 2002. Amazing acting (the cast is so young!), sets, music... I downloaded one scene that touched me very much: Dr. Zhivago and one of his adversaries meet in dire circumstances after many years. They talk and his enemy ends up reading Dr. Zhivagos poems and realizes that his whole life was lived based on the wrong ideals and kills himself.
A tour de force, based on the book by Boris Pasternak which is one of the great pieces of literature of the 20th century. I just started to read it and cannot put it down, a new passion of mine!

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