Sunday, January 10, 2010

Little Augury Secrets

And on we go... my favorite fellow blogger P. Gaye Tapp from has been so kind to join me on my survey on what secrets women carry around in their handbags.

This is hers:

Contents-( Not the dog-but she insists on being right there after I have been gone all day).
Starting at the top-clockwise
cashmere skeleton scarf
old GUCCI makeup bag(early tom ford days)
2 purple leather notebooks with client notes and samples
on top Stephen Dweck cameo ring
Aspinal address book
lint roller
Hermes wallet
CENTER-top to bottom
products hauscka lip balm, tylenol, darphin purifying balm, purell
old GUCCI notebook(early tom ford days)
purple pilot roller ball
small green notebook
GUCCI card case( etfd)
2 sets of keys, 1 with custom Swiss Army Knife
LEFT Corner-
Lufkin tape
Roost owl tape
Kliik progressive lenses
glasses case
old glasses b4 above armani
Persol sunglasses
Needlepoint glasses case
(A Huge tano bag)
Phillip B hair spray
Fekkai brush
rag and bone cashmere gloves (barely there)

It holds everything-

Picture: P. Gaye Tapp


home before dark said...

To my blogger friend,LA: take the dog and jet everything else, except perhaps lufkin tape, and I'd up that to a 50'.

little augury said...

Ha, I am stuck with all that stuff-3 bags full so they say. I hesitate to share it all but for UVZ truth in journalism only. ZetZet is darling No?

madame greige said...

What??? No treats for Zetta in that lovely bag of yours LA! I'm SO glad you have all that stuff b/c as you know I have on occasion had to borrow from the stash. :)

Anonymous said...

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