Friday, December 10, 2010

Jerry Schatzberg's Women

Nine remarkable photos from the '50s and '60s taken by fashion photographer Jerry Schatzberg, 
from the new book, "Women Then".
Triplets, New York, 1964

Faye Dunaway, New York 1968

Fulton Fish Market, Anne St. Marie and Bob Smith, New York, 1958

Mary McGloughlin, Idlewild Airport, New York, 1957

Janet Randy, Gramercy Park, New York, 1959

Mary Heilem and Bob Smith, Central Park, New York, 1958

Monique Le Fevre and Unidentified Man, New York, 1958

Patrick Bashford and Judy Burns, New York, 1959

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little augury said...

Faye Dunaway-stunning foto.