Thursday, December 30, 2010

The $20 Portrait

It was my fathers birthday in September and I had no idea what to give him as a present. 
So when I was strolling around Central Park, I found the solution. 
A portrait! It seemed a little vain, but parents always want a picture of their children, I reasoned. 
So after some bargaining I sat down and the gentleman started sketching away and before I knew it, 
a small crowd of tourists had gathered, commenting loudly in German (which I speak). 
Oh, the torture! 
My dad was happy to receive the portrait and even framed it to hang it in his office. 


lindaraxa said...

Beautiful! I had a terrific one made of my daughter when she was two by a guy hanging out at the mall in Miami. You have to stop them before they do all that shading around it and end messing it up! It was terrific...of course the subject makes a big difference!

The Ancient said...

Ulla --

How wicked of you to leave the poor fellow lamenting every other face that will ever come his way!

Happy New Year.

P.S. I spring for these pictures all over the world when my nieces and nephews are about. (The best one, by some order of magnitude, was done at the top of the Spanish Steps in Rome 30 years ago of a ten-year old nephew. His mother hated it -- thinking it was too pulchritudinous -- and so it's in a closet somewhere, waiting for a future generation wanting good pictures.)