Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black Walls

My apartment is all white.
After a busy day in New York City, where you get assaulted by noise, smell, visuals, fumes etc.
I need calm and quiet when I get home.
White feels light and clean.
Especially when you have moved as much as I have, you want something that goes with everything and can be washed.
When I came across these pictures, I started thinking about painting the walls.
It is a 180 degree turn from the usual for me, but what the heck, it is only paint and sometimes it is a good thing to challenge your own set of rules.
Here's the pad that got me thinking about black, the Paris Apartment of Jean-Pierre Calvagrac.

Seems that it is important to leave the ceiling white, to avoid it feeling like a box and to decorate with white and cream or reflective pieces to keep the flow going.

This Bedroom belongs to Jenna Lyons, Creative Director at J.Crew and was written about in Domino Magazine.
The Walls in her Bedroom are actually a dark navy.

This Carpet would echo the ceiling theme so well.

Pictures from Dominino, Habitually Chic,Porter Hovey

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