Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bamboo Charcoal

I heard about Bamboo Charcoal and I want to try it out.
Seems new-agey, but if it works....

Bamboo charcoal is manufactured by carbonizing dried bamboo in a kiln under controlled temperature and humidity. Bamboo charcoal is a good air purifier as it has the property of absorbing odor, moisture and harmful gases. It is also a good water purifier as it filters and absorbs pollutants, chlorine, pesticides and poisonous materials. It has an extremely porous structure and is a better and eco-friendly option to wood charcoal.

For Spa Bath & Shower
Place a bamboo charcoal spa pack in your bath to soften the water by reducing the size of water molecules and absorbing chlorine and other trace elements.

For Bedding
Get a bamboo charcoal support pillow and mattress cushion to promote deeper sleep. Negative ions and far infrared rays emitted will stimulate blood circulation, reduce fatigue and improve metabolism.

For Refrigerator
Absorbs unpleasant smell, and helps to maintain the freshness of food by absorbing ethylene gas produced by vegetables and fruits.

For Water Purification & Cooking Rice
If you put 50 to 60 grams of bamboo charcoal in one litre of water, you will increase the mineral content and soften the water, making it excellent for drinking. When cooking with rice, bamboo charcoal will emit infrared rays and release minerals which will provide extra sustenance and additional flavor.

For Electromagnetic (EM) Wave Protection
Place some bamboo charcoal near electrical appliances like personal computer and television set to dissipate the EM waves.

For Odour & Humidity Protection
Place bamboo charcoal in car, shoe rack, wash room, and kitchen. This will help remove odour, absorb moisture, and prevent shoes and clothing from mildew formation. The bamboo can also absorb harmful gases and unpleasant smell released from paint in newly renovated apartments.

For Skin Care
Bamboo charcoal and vinegar make excellent ingredients for skin care products as the former has excellent cleansing quality whilst the latter is an excellent skin nourisher. At the same time, such products can preserve your skin by preventing oxidization.

For Fish Tanks
Place some bamboo charcoal pieces in fish tanks to keep the water clean.

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