Monday, March 8, 2010

Me and my favorite Oscar de la Renta Dresses

These are some of my favorite Oscar de la Renta dresses that I tried on a week ago.
So stunning, I cannot wait to maybe wear them to an event.
Update: just noticed.. 2nd picture, bottom right corner of the picture... A glimpse of the dress Cameron Diaz wore to the Oscar's yesterday.

Me and my friend Lucia.


little augury said...

these are both pretty amazing. What are the details on the 1st-think it might be my fav. I loved the dress Cameron Diaz wore-did you try that one? I thought she really did a switch up- old glamour dress and hair-perfect always ahead of the trend. (see my post Oscar's Oscar!)

little augury said...

just enlarged that picture of you in the dress- it is even better, colour combination is so smart.

{Tara} said...

*Breathtaking* Wow, the top one is like a modernist canvas come to life.

Anonymous said...

Love the first dress!!!

little augury said...

Love dress you have added-that little jacket. The details on the dress CD wore are so beauitful. How could you possibly decide? pgt

Ulla said...

to LA: I am going with the first one... hope it'll be there and not on a shoot or loaned out when I want it. ;) wish you'd been here when we here watching the Oscars yesterday. check out fluff chance on the emperors old clothes blog. hilarious. do you twitter? I started yesterday... ulla_v_z. xox

little augury said...

indeed I do- mostly to post blog entries- as little augury
I love the 1st one best,pgt
(love that Emperor)

Vincent Skeltis said...

Interesting finding an old friend.


Reggie Darling said...

You are elegance personified. Enchanting! Thank you for showing us these marvelous pictures.