Sunday, March 14, 2010

So much for originality...

Madonna and her various incarnations as marlene dietrich, audrey hepburn, bette davis, brigitte bardot, jean harlow, marilyn monroe, gina lollobrigida, princess diana over the decades.


Felicia S. said...

Very nice, very cutting, but still, you cannot deny, she brings something to the table. It isn't new, but it is substantial.

Finds said...

Wow, Ula
This is a really impressive post.
Very thought provoking and original.
Madonna can reinvent herself-is your point...using style, beauty icons from the past, for inspiration.
Her transformation for Evita was amazing.
Are there any other women or men in today's society that do the same thing?
It would be a wonderful topic for a book.
so, thank you, well done!

SuTurno said...

wow! wonderful research!!