Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Women and Pearls, 20th Century

Maria Callas
Bildnis Frau Zoepfel, 1928 by Anita Ree
Uma Thurman
Princess Diana
Marchesa Casati
"Halbakt" 1929 by Christian Schad
Marilyn Monroe
Audrey Hepburn
Vivien Leigh
Jacqueline Kennedy
Kopf eines jungen Maedchens mit Perlenkette in Profil nach rechts, 1901, by Paula Modersohn- Becker
Marlene Dietrich
Coco Chanel
Pearl S. Buck
Gene Tierney
Louise Brooks
Josephine Baker
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
Vignette from "Novissima", 1905 by Aleardo Terzi
Grace Kelly


{Tara} said...

Gorgeous! That portrait of Louise is one of my favorites...

little augury said...

you know I love this kind of thing- some photographs I've never seen-love Grace Kelly, she had it.

little augury said...

You have added more pictures-love them