Monday, February 8, 2010

Beauty & Style Inspiration - Charlotte Rampling

"I think you have to earn beauty. You can use it or abuse it however you want when you`re young. It`s a God-given gift. You have a visiting card - you can go into any room and someone will come and talk to you. But I`ve always thought from very early on that you have to be careful with that - not being vain or narcissistic. Have fun, but don`t be obsessed with it." Charlotte Rampling
"There are now different subjects coming up for us older women that certainly didn`t before. Of course, sexuality and sensuality have always been forms that film is obsessed with, but it used to be a form for younger women because, well, they were much prettier, but now directors and audiences are using it to explore older women - it may not be quite so pretty but my God that won`t stop me from investigating it." Charlotte Rampling

"I can occupy myself quite easily with what's going on inside me."

"I'm not very good at talking and being with people, and being gregarious and outgoing. I love people, but I have great difficulty doing it."

"I decided a long time ago that it's easier to spontaneously say what you think. Quite often you can get to know yourself a bit."

"I am fascinated by the whole process of what it`s like to be alive, whether it`s unbelievably uncomfortable and horrible or whether it`s quite nice."
"You cannot watch yourself dispassionately."

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Felicia S. said...

Ah! Madame Rampling!
With her, you know, it's the eyes, she draws you in and you want to stay there.

My muse, inspiration, is Fanny Ardant. There is just something about woman. She's a force of nature.