Friday, June 26, 2009

Thomas Struth

Sometimes things touch you because they are so vastly different from what you know, sometimes things touch you, because you identify them as a part of who you are.
For me, I see the world with the same eyes as Thomas Struth. From the subject matter, to the colors, to the choice of locations and subjects he photographs. Maybe this is because we are both Germans, who knows. Anyway, whenever I see his Art, my heart skips a beat. Thomas Struth
Pantheon, Rome
Thomas Struth, Louvre III, 1989.
Paradise 33, Kaua’i (hawai’ian Island)

San Zaccaria, 1995
Thomas Struth (German, born 1954)
Chromogenic print
71 5/8 x 90 3/4 in. (181.9 x 230.5 cm)
Metropolitan Museum New York
© Thomas Struth

Now I am homesick.

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