Friday, May 7, 2010

Maxwell Snow "Jesus is showing me amazing things" Private Viewing

A couple of weeks ago I had the had the pleasure of attending a private viewing of Maxwell Snow’s "Jesus is Showing Me Amazing Things" in the gallery space at 191 Chrystie st. on the lower east side. The show is very forceful, energetic, thought provoking. The art work reminded me a little of a much cooler, NYC downtown Andres Serrano.
Max really put some shocking images out there (shocking for me anyways) but then I have not forgotten a single image of this show a few weeks on and if I think about how many thousand images we see each day, that is an impressive achievement for a young artist.
watch this space.The Artist Maxwell Snow with friends.
The Curator Karline Moeller. If I needed any curating, I'd call her. She has a big future ahead of her.

The fans

Pictures shot by me.

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