Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woman in Veil ~ for my friend Little Augury

Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands, Exhibition at The American Folk Art Museum, until September 12, 2010. I cannot get over how delicate this amazing drawing is...the flowers on the veil, the hand position,the shading of the hair, the curls... her expression.
A masterpiece.
Attributed to Emily Eastman (1804–c. 1841), Loudon, New Hampshire, c. 1825, Watercolor and ink on paper,14 9/16 x 10 5/8 in., American Folk Art Museum

I saw this drawing and thought of my fellow blogger "little augury" who has always been around encouraging me, advising me and I am so bold as to say that I consider her a friend, something like a modern day pen-pal. She is a really refined and elegant lady with great appetite for the beautiful things in the world and is always eager to learn what is below the surface of things that catch her eye.
And then does a solid in-depth research on the subject.


little augury said...

ok, I can not keep up, with Ulla. this picture is so ,well just everything, and beautiful. I will be in NYC in the heat of July-let's do a day of museums-this one would be wonderful to see. pgt

Ulla said...

Actually dedicated to you, saw it and thought of you! Cannot wait to finally I would love that! If you need a place to stay, be our guest! A day of museums would be amazing, I am going to throw a dinner for you!!
ulla xox

little augury said...

how great would that be? plan to stay where ever my bro will be there for business, and can not wait to meet.pgt