Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mariage Frères Tea

I am obsessed with Tea since living in London for a few years.
Then I moved to Paris where the French take it to a totally different level.I thought I had died and gone to Tea Heaven when I discovered Mariage Frères, a super-chic Tea Shop in the Marais. The Teas have names irresistible names like Boléro, Thé a L'Opéra, Vanille des Iles, Vanille Impériale, Bouddha Bleu, Thé des Impressionnistes, Sankar Bop, English Breakfast, Ruschka, Libertango, Polo Club, Surabaya, Yuzu Temple, Fall in Love, Gold Himalaya, Marco Polo, Thé du Nil, Russian Star, Sweet Shanghaï, Fuji Yama, Darjeeling Rose Camélia, Darjeeling Princeton,
Darjeeling Master, Thé au Sahara, Earl Grey French Blue,Thé des Maharajahs.....
There are 3 Mariage Frères tea salons in Paris.They have been in business for more than 130 years and sell more than 500 high quality teas over the counter and by mail-order worldwide.
It's about half the price to buy the tea in the bags as it is in the canisters.
The canisters are great, but it's harder on the pocketbook if you are obsessed like I am.
Across the street from the location in Le Marais, there is a second MF tea shop where you can sniff the teas at your leisure. You'll be there for hours!!! And the man in your life will really enjoy it as much as you do.You can also buy bags of tea already packaged on the shelves, as opposed to getting them packaged by the staff from bulk bins at the other locations. It's as self-serve as it gets. Having tea at the salon may seem pricey to some.
A pot of tea costs approximately 8 euros. But each pot provides about 6 cups of tea, so if there are 2 of you, its 4 euro each, for 3 cups of tea each, which is actually a great deal.
Great people watching as well, perfect for brunch, as I said it is pricey, but it is a huge treat.
Maybe also share my favorite salad, the "SNOB SALAD"...

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