Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Vintage Cookbook

I found this cookbook "Some Favorite Southern Recipes" of the Duchess of Windsor in a charity shop in the Hamptons (where else in the world would people have a cookbook like this?)
The dust jacket notes say:
"This discriminating selection by the Duchess of Windsor comprises nearly 140 recipes; an all of them have been tested and verified by the Home Institute of the New York Herald Tribune. The dishes chosen by the Duchess include soups, fish and shellfish, meats and cheese dishes, vegetables, hot breads, salads, desserts, cakes and preserves. A few typical Southern menus are given, and also a brief selection of the Duchess' favorite foreign recipes." In her foreword The Duchess of Windsor: "Every country in Europe has certain dishes for which it has always been famous. That is many times true of the United States, which has a different culinary tradition for every large section. I myself am most familiar, of course, with Southern cooking, and especially the dishes of Maryland..I have been very happy to help carry some of the well-known dishes of my native land to other countries, and especially to have served on my table Southern dishes which appeal to the Duke...It is the simple dishes of my homeland which are most popular with me, and which are the ones most popular with me, and which are the ones most frequently served at my table." Some of the recipes include: Martha Washington's light potato rolls, Soft Virginia egg bread, Lady Baltimore cake, Mount Vernon gingerbread, Rhubarb cake, Chicken gumbo, Maryland fried chicken, Lord Baltimore crab, Lima beans piquant, glace aux mangoes, Maryland oyster pie, spiced peaches, Virginia mincemeat, Orange sweet potatoes, Martha Washington's "quaking" pudding, Shrimp creole, Maryland chowder, Terrapin a la Maryland, Turnip Greens, to name just a few.

And all this from the woman who said you can never be too thin or too rich.

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