Sunday, March 20, 2011

Omnia sol temperat *

'Spring in Goscieradz' by Leon Wyczółkowski (1852 - 1936)

 From 'Carmina Burana'

Omnia sol temperatThe sun warms everything,
purus et subtilis,pure and gentle,
novo mundo reseratonce again it reveals to the world
faciem Aprilis,April's face,
ad amorem properatthe soul of man
animus herilisis urged towards love
et iocundis imperatand joys are governed
deus the boy-god.
Rerum tanta novitasAll this rebirth
in solemni verein spring's festivity
et veris auctoritasand spring's power
jubet nos gaudere;bids us to rejoice;
vias prebet solitas,it shows us paths we know well,
et in tuo vereand in your springtime
fides est et probitasit is true and right
tuum keep what is yours.
Ama me fideliter,Love me faithfully!
fidem meam noto:See how I am faithful:
de corde totaliterwith all my heart
et ex mente totaand with all my soul,
sum presentialiterI am with you
absens in remota,even when I am far away.
quisquis amat taliter,Whosoever loves this much
volvitur in rota.turns on the wheel.

Note: These lyrics are copyright and are published here with the permission of Schott Music International.

*latin: The sun warms everything


Bruce Barone said...

Both so beautiful!!!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

What a beautiful pairing. Lovely post!