Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raindrops Tree by C. Jere


"Raindrops Tree" was designed 60 years ago. The floral-looking sculpture of "C. Jere '- a synonym for the California designer Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels - brings a bit of nature into the room. The precious piece combines shape, material selection, elegance, stability and last but not least reliability.  
The dynamic sculpture with the floating, handmade brass leaves is now being produced again by C. Jere Studio in limited edition. 
Markanto.de, about 2450

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Adam said...

A very good choice from craftsmen Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels.

My wife and I have long appreciated their work, and over the years have acquired a couple wall-mounted pieces that float gracefully before one while either ascending or descending the stairs.

Over 200 of their works can be seen by going to 1stdibs.com and entering Curtis Jere into the search field. Many of the pieces displayed there can be seen in multiple views.


As an aside, the site I've suggested (I am not affiliated with it) will no doubt give many hours of window-shopping joy to yourself and your like-minded readers in areas such as photography, furniture and fashion, etc.

Adam Sterling.