Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stellar Stella McCartney ~ Resort 2011

I was browsing and came across Stella's Resort 2011 Collection which I somehow missed the first time 'round... I am in a tizzy! Most of it is minimal ( love those as well ) but then she has a few looks with these stunning prints and I was blown away. I have always had a weak spot for Dutch Still Life Paintings ever since I saw one at 9 or 10 years old at my uncle Richard. He had one hanging in is Dining Room in Munich/Germany.
I remember staring at it for what seemed to be hours on end and studying all the little details. Then I went home and sat in my parents conservatory and painted some old empty marmalade jars with Rose Hips and I think Tulips. They came out great to my surprise ( I found them a few years ago and they really are quite good... ).
Recently I started thinking about Maria Sibylla Merian, (April 2, 1647 – January 13, 1717) was a german naturalist and scientific illustrator who studied plants and insects and made detailed paintings about them which I wanted to introduce to you all but somehow I didn't do either.
The little bumble bees, the tulips, the colors... I want it all.

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