Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Prints Charming!!

Madeline Weinrib and Soledad Twombly decided to get together and show off their latest design designs.
It was the most rewarding event for me last week.
The hosts were so gracious, creative and stunning, conversation intelligent and stimulating, after a hectic fashion week it was the most welcome event for me.

Here are some snaps from the event, enjoy!

Madeline Weinrib and I surrounded by her beautiful pillows. Madeline is wearing the Soledad Twombly's delicious Velvet Jacket that is lined with Madeline's Fabric.

Here is the close-up of the inside of the Madeline Weinrib / Soledad Twombly Jacket.

Holding Madeline Weinrib's purple velvet bag ( made from vintage velvet, embroidered with twisted gold-thread....) amazing quality, they don't make stuff like this anymore these days.
Must -have!

Here is a selection of Madeline Weinrib's Clutch Bags,
the one I am holding in the picture above, is in the middle.

More bags, more colors, more happiness!
I just love her bags, they are becoming a new classic.
Every woman out there should have one, they just give that little bit of "something" to your outfit.
I know what I am talking about, I own one of her raspberry colored clutches and the bag just never fails to add some magic and I always get the most wonderful compliments when I carry it.

A silk-chiffon printed tunic.

A light evening coat.

Madeline Weinrib and Moises de la Renta,
2 designers and new neighbors, catching up on the latest news. Moises owns her blue and white tibetan stripe carpet and was telling her that he loves the carpet more and more every day.
For more info on her designs, click here

Soledad wearing her felted wool and chiffon scarf... Isn't she exquisite?
For more info click here:

Taking a few minutes to catch up and find out what exciting new projects Madeline is working on...
Madeline is wearing Soledad Twombly's silk tunic that has Madeline's Fabric around the neck.
Chic !

Soledad Twombly and I.
I am wearing a vintage custom-made Thom Browne shirt, my father's 50 year old belt and a custom Lyn Devon Skirt.
Soledad is wearing her own design.

The invite.


Bruce Barone said...

What a beautiful post. What beautiful fabrics and prints! WOW. I just forwarded the link to Madi's site to my fiance--and that's a beautiful site! If you are ever in Western Mass, you would love Osgoods, a fascinating fabric store (their site is awful); if you are so inclined go to this link and toggle down and you'll see what I mean as I posted a few pics from the store:

Anonymous said...

Madeline's textiles are as stunning as she is. I love everything, well done.

little augury said...

the clutches are gorgeous. so is everyone in the pics-Love the belt.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, Madeline's work is so inspiring and you can really see the passion present in everything she creates. Soledad's designs and Madeline's textiles together is such a perfect combination. Very excited to see what is to come down the road!

angele said...

And where is Aurora's jewelry...i love her stuff plus she is a absolute delightful person and it reflects in her designs...
love ur Lyn Devon skirt!

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic post! The gorgeous black Soledad evening coat lined with Madeline's fabric design is forever on my wish list!