Monday, August 23, 2010

Letterhead ~ Albert Einstein

one of my readers sent me this fantastic comment, I am so excited I had to share it with you:

Thank you Adam!


Adam said...

A fantastic post!

On new Year's Eve, 1998, my wife and I drove across the former eastern states of Germany to visit a university fried of hers who was born and raised in Caputh, where Einstein had lived.

Arriving after dark, we became immediately lost in the town as there were still no street signs posted ~ this had been the habit during the Socialist era in towns along the border with the west. We drove in circles for an hour or more before finding our destination.

It was my first celebration of Sylvester (New Year) in Germany. Neighbors walked from house to house, sharing food and drink. It was a wonderfully convivial experience with generous people.

As midnight approached, we climbed a long hill, on top of which we drank champagne and set off skyrockets. All around the circular horizon other fireworks illuminated the frigid night.

The next morning, with my wife and our hosts, I climbed another hill to visit Einstein's summer observatory. For me this was the completion of a nearly mythical quest as this small building loomed large in my imagination and study of the history of science.

How wonderful it is to see a copy of this man's personal stationary bearing an address I have come to know well and love during many subsequent visits.

Thank you, Ulla, for curating a most creative and eclectic blog through which you share treasures, both large and small.

Adam Sterling.

little augury said...

and I so agree.